Universal Images Demo Page

The images on this page have been created by an image server that supports the Universal Images Metadata Standard. Apart from the target width (and height where indicated) no other information has been passed to the server.

The pixel units are display independent pixels (CSS pixels).

See the image in action

Full Size Image

Alms Giving Ceremony © Simon Bächler CC BY-NC-SA

Responsive Variants

100x100 px

The avatar image uses the bleed if available for the square aspect ratio while the safety area is protected.

240 px

Crops never cut into the safety area.

320 px

This is still the same framing as the smaller images because the crop area has a maximum defined width of 320 px.

360 px

This size uses a different crop region.


From this size on upwards the full image area is used.

640x640px Square Aspect Ratio

A special region is defined for square aspect ratio target sizes.

Source Image


Production Chain

The XMP metadata has been written to the image using the RMD Adobe Photoshop plugin and the XMP RMD extension to verify it.

The image server is based on Thumbor, using the Universal Images Filter.


The draft of the Metadata XMP standard

Install the Photoshop Plugin.

Download the XMP metadata UI plugin for the file info dialog.

Try out the service with your own images (Please don't use this URL in production)

The universal images filter for Thumbor.